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Workplace Wellbeing Study 2018

Financial wellbeing – a real insight.

We recently conducted our own unique research into workers’ dependence on high-cost credit options. The study exposed amongst many things, that those in steady employment are struggling to balance their incomings and outgoings, which paints a worrying picture.

Some of the highlights were:


  • Of the 1,000+ workers interviewed, financial stress impacts their sleep (38%), social life (29%), relationships (29%) and importantly their health (23%)
  • Nearly three-quarters of 18 to 34-year-olds have experienced mental health or well-being issues linked to money
  • 52% of managers see value in providing employees with an on-demand payment app
  • 32% of people have not been able to make it into work as a result of not having enough funds to pay for their commute due to an unexpected cost
  • Financial stress has impacted 21% of the workforce – this rises to 30% for people in higher level roles
  • 25% of workers state that they have suffered from a lack of concentration at work due to their finances
  • 54% of earners say frequency of pay has an impact on their lifestyle choices


To read the full details on financial wellbeing in the workplace please click below.

Workplace Wellbeing Study 2018

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