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   95% of millennials admit to impulse spending with nearly 1 in 5 (19%) admitting to impulse spending every single day |   83% of graduates will not fully clear their debt within three decades |   14 million millennials will never own their own homes |   Student debt is forecast to reach £160bn by 2022 and has reached a record high of £100bn |   33% of middle class families struggle with an unexpected £500 bill |   Outstanding consumer debt passed £200 billion in 2017 |   88% of people would take pay frequency into account when looking for a new job |   3 million people currently using high cost credit schemes |   Dipping into an overdraft by £100 for just 30 days can cost up to £180 in overdraft fees |   Bank overdrafts have been shown to be 8 times more costly than payday loans |

Earnings on-demand.


Hastee Pay is an award-winning employee benefit that companies can offer to their workforce, which empowers employees to receive a portion of their earned pay immediately to increase their choice and financial wellbeing.


Companies profit from the improved productivity, engagement, recruitment & retention of their workforce, with zero cost or impact on company cash-flow.


There is no interest to pay, just a small, simple fee*.

*On-demand – 4.5% transaction fee, subject to a £1 minimum. Example: if you withdraw £50 your one-off cost would be £2.25. Subscription – £9.99 per month as an option for regular users, coming soon. Withdrawals and fees will be deducted from your pay on your normal payday.

I’m a company

Be a better employer.
Build a happier, more productive workforce.
It’ll cost you nothing and your staff will love you for it.

Employer Benefits

I’m an employee

You’ve earned it.
Receive your earned pay in seconds.
Because life doesn’t wait for payday.

Employee Benefits

Hastee Pay Features

Hastee Pay is designed with you both in mind:

Key employer features

  • Fully insured & safeguarded
  • So you don’t put your business or staff at risk
  • Cash flow neutral
  • We fund the advances so there’s no impact on company cash flow
  • Hassle-free
  • Seamless integration with time & attendance, HR & payroll
  • Socially responsible
  • Help employees to budget & avoid debt, improving financial wellbeing

Key employee features

  • Receive your pay immediately
  • Income smoothing helps to budget & avoid high-cost credit
  • No interest charged. None.
  • Just a small, fair & simple fee
  • Discreet & flexible
  • Get paid whenever, wherever you want
  • No credit checking
  • This is not debt, it’s the pay you have already earned

Hastee Pay News

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